Top 10 Advantages EVA Cases Zipper

1.Eco-friendly hardness closed cell semi rigid EVA foam with fabric, nylon external material, anti-scratch. 2.Soft velvet, spandex internal lining, mesh pocket design, fashionable and popular style 3.Difference logo style, silk printing and…

How Many Kinds Of Material Options?

We all have a few delicate things that we need to keep with zipper case. Sometimes, our recklessness or negligence can ruin the precious things that we love. We all take so many preventive measures to protect our valuable items from getting ruined.…
EVA Die Cutting

6 Features EVA Carrying Case Cover

If you have sensitive instruments or delicate equipment that need protection, a well designed EVA case is a perfect solution. Because of their rigidity and durability, EVA cases...

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