Bonito Customized EVA Cases

We at Bonito value high quality and customer satisfaction at best. We are the pioneer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) hard or soft cases. We take pride in our tailor-built EVA cases that are cost-effective and provide robust protection to your products.

1. Exterior Material Options

Exterior Material Options

One of the first things to consider is the exterior design and material of EVA cases. How the case is curved, in particular, can have a significant impact on how it is carried, transported, and used daily. The outside of custom EVA cases is intended to accommodate practically any size or form. While this helps to ensure the safety of the contents within, it also allows for a lot of creative freedom in the design process.

We construct unique containers for your company’s products using the best material available. Our advanced technology of developing EVA hard cases allows a level of flexibility and safety of the products inside.

Some of the exterior material option offered by us are:

  • PU
  • Textured PU
  • Multispandex
  • Lycra
  • 600D
  • 1680D
  • Snowflake Cloth

2. Inner Foam Options

Inner Foam Options

Incorporating foam packaging inside an EVA case provides some of the most effective protection for your contents. Foam is excellent at absorbing stress and preventing movement, preserving the condition of the goods inside. Our soft yet durable insert foam protects anything from glass bottles to retail products and complex instruments, providing security and safety while transporting.

Foam can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes according to product design that properly suits each of your products while in transit, protecting them from scuffs, collision damage, and breaking.

We can deliver die-cut, sponge, CNC, thermoformed, and laser cut inserts. We can also provide a moveable clapboard with a velcro insert in addition to all of them.

3. Handle Customization

Handle Customization

The addition of a handle makes carrying boxes much easier. You can effortlessly carry more large EVA cases with handles. It makes transportation and delivery more convenient. Even small EVA cases can look trendy and contemporary with an attached handle to them.

You can put handles wherever you like on the cases while modifying them with different designs and materials. EVA carrying cases can add value to your brand while giving more meaning to your signature product designs.

You can choose various materials and designs of the handles from our catalog.

We offer:

  • Rubber and lanyard handle
  • Leather handle
  • Nylon handle
  • Shoulder strap handle
  • PU handle
  • Hanging hook handle

4. Custom-built Interior Design

Custom-built Interior Design

While the case's outside is undoubtedly significant, the interior is just as crucial. EVA case interiors can be completely customized to meet the exact dimensions of your product or piece of equipment. While functionality should be a priority, the inside display of the case is as crucial.

EVA case interiors, like the exterior, can be molded to specific measurements. While this implies the inside can handle your products, it is also vital to think about how this will translate in terms of presentation.

Our custom-built interior designs give a classic presentation to your products and provide safety while carrying them. You can request a custom internal design or can choose from our list of interior pocket options.

5. Logo Customization

Logo Customization

In today's competitive consumer market, strategic and consistent branding is a vital tool for every firm. It can be difficult to choose the proper logos for your personalized EVA carrying case but do not worry, and we are here to help!

While EVA cases come in a range of colors, there are plenty of additional ways to use your personalized case to promote your brand’s name.

Embossed or debossed logos can be pressed to EVA casings using high frequency and other techniques. In addition to that, silk screen printing and metallic or rubber-made logos can facilitate uniqueness to your brand’s name. Our design team can assist you in determining the optimal strategy for your customized EVA cases.

6. Zipper Options

Zipper Options

Zip packaging is a popular choice among many businesses and end-users that provides convenience while using a product. EVA zipper cases give peace of mind to consumers knowing that their purchase is securely locked in zip packaging.

EVA zipper case makes your product stand out from the crowd. Although EVA cases manufactured by Bonito enterprises are lightweight, zipper cases improve their portability and compactness. A more portable solution can keep things safer in transit and simplify the unboxing experience for the patron.

From waterproof zippers to plastic or rubber zippers to normal nylon zippers, you can enjoy a wide variety of EVA zipper cases at Bonito.