Are you on the lookout for sleek and stylish cases for your products, but are unable to find those that suit your specific needs? Have you seen little success in getting the best EVA cases for your price point? Then Bonito Packaging is the best place for you.

Bonito Packaging is a professional company selling hard and soft EVA zipper carrying cases that are manufactured in our factory in China. We make these cases for a variety of products, such as electronics, cosmetics, medical equipment, and house tools, among others.

Bonito Packaging is also here to make sure that our customers are satisfied with not just the products they receive, but also with our customer services. Therefore, we have an excellent center where your post-purchase needs are met by trained professionals.

Here are a few reasons why we thrive better than some of our contemporaries.

Expertise Of Overseas Shipping

Here at Bonito Packaging, we have been shipping out our EVA cases for travel and carrying for some time now. In China, for most companies to be considered professionals in their field, it takes up to three years.

It was through the hard work and determination of our team that Bonito Packaging has been successfully in the business for nine years. Our experience helped gain expertise in terms of delivering the product that the customer wants and being able to translate their expectations into our product design.

Therefore, we also offer custom designs for all our products; EVA hard cases, EVA travel cases, EVA carrying cases, EVA zipper cases, etc.

Our professionalism has allowed us to amass a significant clientele outside of China, to where we ship our products. This is also in part due to our environment-friendly approach to design and waste, as well as the low-cost that comes with no compromise on product quality.

Bonito Packaging believes in maintaining an open and honest line of communication with our customers, even post-sale. During this time as well, our response is prompt and comes from our trained employees that will treat your requirements and concerns with the utmost sensitivity.

We are also incredibly transparent in our manufacturing process and practices, the details of which you can find on our website here:

Our industry knowledge comes through years of seasoned experience that continually evolves with time and innovation.  From incoming raw material to warehousing, we show all the key steps that are involved in our OEM and ODM.

During the manufacturing process, we also have multiple checks to ensure that production is going smoothly. Some of our methods include die-cutting, roasting and thermoforming, trimming, and sewing.

Solution-Oriented Services

One of our biggest strengths lies in being able to provide packaging solutions to our customers whenever we are presented with a problem. Our packaging styles are not only efficient from a practical sense, but also elegant and creative to suit each customer’s expectations.

You will find this to be right in the wide variety of products that we have customized on our website here: Our cases are waterproof, compact, and very easy to carry.

To learn directly about our services and the way we have handled the problems presented to us by our customers, you can visit the testimonial section on our website:

These solutions come from the work of our design team mostly, which spends many hours thinking and then rethinking their custom designs to best suit your needs. And while that may seem like a time-consuming process, do not worry.

All our customers receive their products according to a timeline that is initially communicated to them, depending on their requirements. Our commitment to your satisfaction demands that we deliver your product to you how you need it when you need it.

Top-Notch Product Quality

Our work ethic derives from the following statement: “Quality is the life of our enterprise.” This has been the guiding philosophy in all our dealings with customers, as well in the way we make our products. We believe you deserve not just the best customer care service, but also the best products to go with.

One example of our product quality is that we can offer a wide variety of design and comfort options to choose from. Bonito Packaging can provide EVA cases with varying levels of hardness; 60 degrees 65 degrees, 75 degrees, and upwards.

We also offer die-cutting EVA, EVA molded cases with polyester, and with sponge inside cases as well. And to surmount that, we also print logos on silk, metal plates, rubber plates and can provide embossing and debossing services as well.

Additionally, our products are safe to use for and by children. Our cases contain no phthalates as the materials we use are all non-toxic. As a result, there is no organic odor or smell of our products and carry no risk of plasticizer release.

Our products are also not just waterproof but also resistant to scratches, shock, dust, and other forms of damage. They are lightweight but sturdy, thus being able to sustain some of the harshest treatment during shipping overseas.

Lastly, all our products are environmentally friendly. The materials that go into making our cases are all biodegradable, so once they are burned or destroyed, there is no harm to the environment. We also comply with the international toy regulations that require us to avoid any heavy metal in our products.


Bonito Packaging is invested in being there for you; we believe in being honest and forthcoming with our customers and in ensuring that they are treated with professional care. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and acquiring the best possible product solutions ensure that our customers remain loyal.

We wish that we are able to provide our services to newer customers as well. Bonito Packaging looks forward to the design challenges you may bring as well as the specifications that you wish to incorporate.